Without it, you will still live on.
But having it, make each day richer.

Contribute to a more prosperous society by providing such "pleasant moments".

Amutus was created by Infocom Corporation and was established as a separate business entity after emerging from the company’s Network Business Division.
Infocom Corporation provides such services as system integration for medical institutions, ordinary business enterprises, as well as telecommunications carriers, which makes it a “company that provides services desired by society”.
Amutus, on the other hand, is a “company that provides services desired by consumers”.
This is how we are inspired and decided to establish Amutus as an independent company.
Simply stating “Services desired by consumers” offers only a vague image of what is actually meant.
We work thoroughly to identify “What is required of Amutus” and “What can only be done by Amutus”, as well as “What Amutus would like to do.”
We do so in order to define the essential quality of ”services required by consumers” that the globally-minded Amutus must provide.


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Introduction of business operations

We offer services that gives you pleasure when you have a short opening of free time.

While commuting..
When taking a break between household chores..
Before going to bed..
We all have those moments when we just want to take a quick break. Amutus provides services that offer a pleasurable experience in these short openings of free time. We can introduce customers to some of our services that are able to help with the desire to do experience something fulfilling, to gain more motivation, or to take some time and regroup.

Business partners

  • Kodansha
  • Shueisha
  • Shogakukan
  • Futabasha
  • DoCoMo
  • KDDI
  • SoftBank
  • Akamai
  • Rakuten



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Introduction of our members

  • Natsu Ito

    Web Project Planning and Production

    Natsu Ito

    I would like to take on challenges with new technologies and designs, and to grow along with the websites, so that I may continue improving websites usability for our users.

  • Satoshi Imade


    Satoshi Imade

    Our members do not make compromises, instead taking on new challenges each and every day. I am grateful for our collaborations with publishers and other interested parties.

  • Ako Kawahara

    Service Project Planning

    Ako Kawahara

    I search day and night for appealing functions and campaigns that will make Mecha Comics easier to use and even more interesting!

  • Koji Shinohara

    Service Project Planning

    Koji Shinohara

    I enjoy my work creating feature pages, and strive to present comics in an even more attractive way.

  • Aoi Sugasaki

    Business Development

    Aoi Sugasaki

    Inspired by the spirit of those involved in the comic creation and production, I work to spread Japanese comics throughout the world.

  • Akira Sobajima


    Akira Sobajima

    I aim to build an even more fulfilling and entertaining e-book shop, with the works contributed by our publishers.

  • 高木紀世孝


    Kiyotaka Takagi

    Every day is challenging but fulfilling, as I work with professionals from every field to address our tremendous volume of traffic, which is ever-growing.

  • Eitaro Tanaka

    Service Project Planning

    Eitaro Tanaka

    I work with our team members day-in and day-out, taking on the challenge of creating services that our customers can get excited about.

  • Ran Nakano

    e-Book Production

    Ran Nakano

    I feel very fulfilled when a comic of a project I planned become a hit, just as I was aiming for.

  • Takako Nikaido

    Service Project Planning

    Takako Nikaido

    If there is anything I want to do, I simply vocalize that notion. This leads to fulfillment at work for me.

  • Kenji Hamasaki


    Kenji Hamasaki

    All our team members are working hard with sense of speed but focused on safety as we register contents every day so that we can offer fun and peace of mind to our customers.

  • Shinzo Hirata

    General Manager of Mechacomic Devision

    Shinzo Hirata

    We aim to offer services and organizational management that are trusted by our customers. We intend to evolve day after day, instead of feeling satisfied with our current status.

  • Shunsuke Hirano

    Business Development

    Shunsuke Hirano

    I would like to disseminate Japanese comics not just throughout Asia or the English-speaking world, but throughout the entire world.

  • Takahisa Honda

    Business Development

    Takahisa Honda

    “All important things in life are taught by comics!!”

  • Kyohei Matsumoto

    Web Project Planning and Production

    Kyohei Matsumoto

    I would like to work in the provision of web services that are ever-evolving, ones where each member can feel proud and confident of the work that they have done.

  • Yoki Minami


    Yoki Minami

    I believe that it’s not just knowledge or experience that gives use the “courage to go ahead and press Enter”, but also the self-awareness of continually making the decisions that simply feel right.

  • Yuri Miyahara

    e-Book Production

    Yuri Miyahara

    We provide a broad stage for comic writers to make their contributions, and we then deliver truly inspired works to our Mecha Comics users.

  • Masaki Yamashita

    President and Representative Director

    Masaki Yamashita

    It is because of our unique members that we continue to evolve as a service, one that possesses an edge. I encourage both our customers and our employees to enjoy more in life!

  • Miyu Yoshii


    Miyu Yoshii

    The best compliment I could receive is “Oh, I know about Mecha Comics.”



2-34-17 Jingumae, Shibuya-Ward, Tokyo 150-0001

5 min. on foot from Subway "Fukutoshin" line "Kitasando" station
8 min. on foot from JR “Yamanote” line “Harajuku” station
9 min. on foot from Subway “Chiyoda” line “Meijijingumae” station
1 min. on foot from Toei bus “Sendagaya-shogakkomae” station