Without it, you will still live on.
But having it, make each day richer.

Contribute to a more prosperous society by providing such "pleasant moments".

Amutus was created by Infocom Corporation and was established as a separate business entity after emerging from the company’s Network Business Division.
Infocom Corporation provides such services as system integration for medical institutions, ordinary business enterprises, as well as telecommunications carriers, which makes it a “company that provides services desired by society”.
Amutus, on the other hand, is a “company that provides services desired by consumers”.
This is how we are inspired and decided to establish Amutus as an independent company.
Simply stating “Services desired by consumers” offers only a vague image of what is actually meant.
We work thoroughly to identify “What is required of Amutus” and “What can only be done by Amutus”, as well as “What Amutus would like to do.”
We do so in order to define the essential quality of ”services required by consumers” that the globally-minded Amutus must provide.


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Introduction of business operations

We offer services that gives you pleasure when you have a short opening of free time.

While commuting..
When taking a break between household chores..
Before going to bed..
We all have those moments when we just want to take a quick break. Amutus provides services that offer a pleasurable experience in these short openings of free time. We can introduce customers to some of our services that are able to help with the desire to do experience something fulfilling, to gain more motivation, or to take some time and regroup.

Business partners

  • Kodansha
  • Shueisha
  • Shogakukan
  • Futabasha
  • DoCoMo
  • KDDI
  • SoftBank
  • Akamai
  • Rakuten



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Introduction of our members

  • Ruriko Takane

    e-Book Production

    Ruriko Takane

    We strive to create Original Comics that make the customers cannot wait to see the next episodes!

  • Kikuo Yamada


    Kikuo Yamada

    We strive to provide high-quality services.

  • Aoi Sugasaki

    Business Development

    Aoi Sugasaki

    With our strengths and know-how from Mecha Comics, and together with our local partners, we aim to rapidly grow the Korean e-comic site "Peanutoon".

  • Kazuya Niina


    Kazuya Niina

    How can we make Mecha Comics better for our customers? In order to better answer this question, we dive deep into the large-scale data daily.

  • Chinatsu Kuriyama


    Chinatsu Kuriyama

    We strive to bring more comics that are enjoyed by the customers, together with the publishers!

  • Shinzo Hirata

    Director General Manager of Mechacomic Devision

    Shinzo Hirata

    We aim to be the organization where everyone involved acts proactively. We will make improvements to our services daily, and strive to make them the services that our customers trust.

  • Mai Tominaga

    Service Project Planning

    Mai Tominaga

    We try our best to provide better experiences tailored to each individual customers!

  • Tsugumi Ota


    Tsugumi Ota

    We will continue to provide high-quality and reliable services that the customers can always enjoy.

  • Chie Kato

    Service Project Planning

    Chie Kato

    We try to enjoy our work, in hopes to maximize the happiness our services deliver to the customers.

  • Shigeyuki Emi

    Manager of Marketing Division

    Shigeyuki Emi

    In order to provide "pleasant moments", we constantly try to be considerate of our customers feelings while we improve our services.

  • Yukiko Harada

    Corporate Planning

    Yukiko Harada

    We are supporting Amutus behind-the-scenes, in order for Mecha Comics to become more entertaining!

  • Kyohei Matsumoto

    Service Project Planning

    Kyohei Matsumoto

    Services and people continue to grow day-to-day. In 1 year, a person could change drastically. Amutus is the company with this type of potential.

  • Mai Hikichi


    Mai Hikichi

    We hope many people enjoy comics. We strive to make our services loved by people of all ages.

  • Masaki Yamashita

    President and Representative Director

    Masaki Yamashita

    It is because of our unique members that we continue to evolve as a service, one that possesses an edge. I encourage both our customers and our employees to enjoy more in life!

  • Miki Zama

    e-Book Production

    Miki Zama

    We work hard every day in hopes that more people will get to know Mecha Comics!

  • Takashi Imai

    Manager of System Engineering Division

    Takashi Imai

    We will continue to develop high-quality services, so that many people can enjoy Mecha Comics.

  • Mika Kawashimo

    e-Book Production

    Mika Kawashimo

    Through Mecha comics, we hope to bring to the world the amazing comics that are undiscovered!

  • Shuhei Yamamoto

    Service Project Planning

    Shuhei Yamamoto

    Read, collect and talk about comics. We strive to create online comics services that are thoughtful and easy to use.

  • Hanako Amiashi

    e-Book Production

    Hanako Amiashi

    We strive to create comics that deliver the experience of "something new" in our customers' hands.

  • Kenji Hamasaki


    Kenji Hamasaki

    All our team members are working hard with sense of speed but focused on safety as we register contents every day so that we can offer fun and peace of mind to our customers.



Midtown East 10F, 9-7-2 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-0052

Directly connected from Subway “Oedo” line “Roppongi” station Exit 8
Directly connected from Subway “Hibiya” line “Roppoingi” station
3 min. on foot from Subway “Chiyoda” line “Nogizaka” station Exit 3
10 min. on foot from Subway “Nanboku” line “Roppongi-itchome” station Exit 1